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Where do we go from here?

We’ve barely skimmed the surface with non-monogamy here. All that being said, non-monogamy is certainly not for everyone. It’s no more valid a choice than monogamy, it doesn’t make you a better person or a better partner than a monogamous person.

If you’re excited by the thought of multiple sexual partners, exploring romantic relationships individually, or alongside a partner, or even just getting your kink on with a few different people, these are good indications that non-monogamy could work for you!

Worries, concerns or feelings of jealousy are also really common. These are no indication of whether you are or are not monogamous. Starting to think about exploring non-monogamy by yourself or with a partner can be scary, and a little intimidating. It is perfectly normal to be uncertain, but know that there are tons of resources and support available; and meeting other people who are on the same path can be incredibly helpful.

Ultimately, we don’t believe that anyone should be forced into a relationship model that doesn’t make them happy. Whether its monogamy, polyamory or somewhere in between, you are able to create the rules of your relationship for yourself. You are free to define what is important to you in your relationship, and what you want your relationship to look like.

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