Non-monogamy Newcastle Social Community Guidelines

When you attend one of our meetings, you agree to abide by the following guidelines. These guidelines help to ensure that our group remains a space where people can speak freely and feel safe.

Non-monogamy Newcastle is only open to those who are 18+. 

Non-monogamy Newcastle is a community group, and our events take place in public spaces around Newcastle. We ask attendees to respect the venues, staff and each other.

We don’t police people’s bodies, but please be mindful of other attendees when smoking.

What happens in the group, stays in the group

Not everyone is out of the non-monogamous closet. Please respect the privacy of everyone that attends the group, and keep anything we discuss confidential.

Inclusivity is in

We aim to be an inclusive social space. We expect everyone to take the sexual orientation, relationship model and pronouns of our attendees seriously.

We don’t tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, disablist, ageist, or otherwise exclusionary language, nor do we accept shaming, erasure, and victim-blaming.

Accessibility is one of the core criteria of our events. For further information on accessibility of venues, or if you have a suggestion to make our meet ups more accessible, please contact us.

We facilitate open discussion

This means we don’t talk over each other, nobody dominates the discussion, and we don’t pressure anyone to speak if they don’t want to.

All kinds of relationships are awesome

We don’t believe that non-monogamy is any more valid than monogamy. However anyone chooses to do relationships is awesome, and nobody will be made to feel that they are 'doing it wrong'.

Above all else, we support each other

Bullying, harassment, discrimination, or suggestive comments of any kind will not be tolerated. We are not a dating focused group, and any inappropriate or predatory behaviour will result in being asked to leave the group permanently.

Complaints procedure

Anyone wishing to lodge a complaint against an attendee can do so by messaging the Non-monogamy Newcastle Facebook page, emailing us at or by contacting a member of our committee. We will then ask for a written statement, which will be taken to the next monthly committee meeting where it will be discussed, and a decision reached if necessary. You will then receive a response within 2 weeks of the committee meeting.

Any information submitted to Non-monogamy Newcastle will be kept confidential, unless we believe someone inside or outside the group is at risk of harm. In this case, personally identifiable information such as names, locations and dates will be kept private wherever possible.