Couple Showing Affection

This seems like way too much effort - is it even worth it?

Non-monogamy does involve a lot of hard work from everyone involved - but luckily, the pay-off can be pretty great. Having your cake and eating it is a popular expression when it comes to non-monogamy, in part because it’s absolutely true! Nothing is stopping you from pursuing the relationship model you want, and that works best for you.

Imagine your dream scenario. Think about who is there, who you have emotional relationships with, who you have sexual relationships with, and who you have romantic relationships with. Think about where you’re living, who you’re spending your weekends with, who you’re going on holiday with. Do you have just one partner in this scenario? Then monogamy is probably right for you! Are you with one person, but sleeping with others? Then open relationships could suit you! Are you sleeping with other people alongside your partner? You may want something closer to swinging, or just the occasional threesome or orgy. Or if you’re imagining numerous romantic and sexual partners with no hierarchy at all, polyamory could be for you! Do you have numerous romantic relationships, with one main partner? Hierarchical polyamory might be your jam!

Non-monogamy Newcastle are against people being forced or pressured to practice a relationship model that doesn’t feel right for them. Sexual authenticity is key here. You’re allowed to go after whatever kind of sex you want. You can make any sort of relationship work for you. You can choose your relationship and your sex life - the only thing holding you back is yourself.

Where do we go from here?